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Trading the markets can be highly lucrative, but you need the right tools, technology and partner by your side to achieve extraordinary results.

At WealthCapital, we understand first-hand what it takes to achieve success. Our team of experts is committed to providing the best and most comprehensive trading solutions. We believe success lies in the details, which is why providing the highest quality user-experience is so crucial and important to us.

Whether you are completely new to trading or a professional trader with years of experience, you want to focus on your trading and not worry about where to find the right tools, information or support. WealthCapital provides you with the best tools, top of the range trading platforms, news, analysis and more, right at your fingertips. This means you can concentrate on trading and generating profits. Plus, if you do need assistance, our professional support team is on standby to assist, day and night.

An area where we invest heavily in is safety, security and privacy. Our team works tirelessly to continuously provide a secure trading environment to give our clients peace of mind that every trade and transaction is encrypted and protected using the latest technologies. WealthCapital also complies with GDPR requirements to ensure your privacy.

Beyond all the technology, is a team of real people who genuinely want you to be successful and are committed to helping you achieve your trading goals. At WealthCapital, you are not just a number, and we view you as an individual with your own unique goals and ambitions. As a result, we believe in building partnerships with our clients and adding value in every way possible.

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Transparent trading conditions with lightning fast trade execution and low fees
Comprehensive trading academy with access to eBooks, video, webinars and more
Detailed market analysis and insights into lucrative trading opportunities
World renowned and market leading trading platform and tools
Selection of tradeable assets, including stocks, commodities, indices, FX & cryptocurrencies
Convenient, safe and secure payment methods, plus super-fast withdrawals
Stringent safety, security and privacy to protect all data and personal information
Professional, friendly and knowledgeable support team available day and night
Ideal for traders of all skill levels, plus personal training and assistance
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