Cyber Monday Drives Market.

Cyber Monday Drives Market.

The begins with Cyber Monday driving the market, following a very successful “Black Friday” Shopping Spree, Investors and traders have been considering and executing positions almost all major retailers social media stocks as well as on the futures themselves.

(Microsoft, eBay, Alibaba, Facebook Dow 30, and the Nasdaq 100) are still some of the favorite assets traders prefers since the volatility and trading patterns could be fairly straight forward to comprehend. 


In deciphering assets as mentioned, paying attention to the volume of traders and shopping patterns are cautious practices to capitalize on the swinging trends. These up & down trajectory is wonderful for hedging.


The Dow 30  for example was seen trading up between 28,079.0 - 28,196.5 

Check out some of the reversals and corrections and take action immediately you get it!

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