Are Global Stocks Bungee Jumping Again?

Are Global Stocks Bungee Jumping Again?

The novel that the US-China had resumed negotiations with hopes to sign a phase two (2) deal in the coming days sent stocks rallying. The optimism bittersweet as President Trump decided to sign a bill in support of the protesters in Hong Kong, creating more discourse than way to mend the trade tensions.

China enraged by the move, calls upon the US to quit meddling in its domestic affairs. 

This distrust and at times bullying tactics ripples through the market causing investors pulled the brakes and take precautions. Wall Street is closed for Thanksgiving Celebrations meaning, trading volumes may be decreased however a fair degree of volatility persists. 

The Dow 30, Nasdaq 100 and most Asian shares were caught down trending. 

Dow 30 slipped from 28,158.0 heading to 28,045.0 and perhaps maybe reach 27,950 before pondering on corrections.


If you missed the slide try to catch the correctional wave when it begins. 

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